About Me

Carlos Pena

I am Peruvian, biologist by training, and hold a PhD degree from Stockholm University in Animal Ecology.

My work as a biologist led me to delve into bioinformatics. Since 2016, I work as Software Engineer for the company HipLead (San Francisco, USA) where I develop backend software in Python and architecture of distributed systems.

I worked as a remote short-term contractor for the company Scrapinghub (Cork, Ireland), from January to August 2016. I quickly updated many Scrapy spiders built for our customers. Then, I moved to the Finance Team in which I developed many internal Python tools to aggregate our invoices and bills in acounting systems such as Freshbooks, Chargebee and Xero and generate Financial reports critical to assess the financial status of the company.

I recently finished (in December 2015) a 5 year contract as Bioinformatician at the Laboratory of Genetics at the University of Turku, Finland. I developed software in Python and R language to analyze the massive amounts of DNA sequences from our laboratory. These tools, and additional statistical analyses, helped our laboratory to produce and publish several research papers in international scientific journals.

I have been trained as a scientist, able to design and follow rigorous methods as well as critical thinking. In recent years, I have been developing bioinformatic tools in Python for data mining and analysis of biological datasets for genetics.

I have also used scrapy, Django and PostgreSQL for developing web applications for research in biology as well as open source side projects in hacktivism and open government (efforts that I conducted under the pseudonym AniversarioPeru) in collaboration with Peruvian journalists. Thanks to the software I wrote, this group of journalist was the first one in Peru to apply the so called "data journalism".