I also develop tools for bioinformatics. I started with PHP and MySQL, but now I have moved to Python and PostgreSQL. Manolo is a scraper and search tool that contains the visitor records of several government institutions in Peru. You can search for any individual in 14 public institutions in a matter of seconds. You can read more about this project in this post in the Scrapinghub's blog. The ProyectosDeLey project consists of a group of Scrapy spiders and a Django app that harvest every bill proposed by the Peruvian Congress and organize all the metadata, allowing people to easily search and discover bills by keywords, authors and categories. You can read more about this project in this post in the Scrapinghub's blog.

Dataset-Creator a Python library to easily create datasets for phylogenetic software such as MrBayes, TNT, BEAST, RAxML, MEGA, etc. Generated datasets can be DNA or aminoacid sequences, degenerated sequences, and partitioned by codon positions or gene.

El Corruptómtero is a web app that can assess how corrupted you are! Just answer the questions and wait for your score.

VoSeq a database to store voucher and DNA sequence data for phylogenetic analysis.

Bold retriever accepts FASTA files containing COI sequences and queries the BOLD database to get the taxa identification based on the sequences.

Google Scholar citations parser. A scripts to parse the “citations page” of Google Scholar written in Python and using

Partitioned Bremer Support. A script to be used in the software TNT to get support values for each partition of molecular and morphological datasets.